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2D Animation Software - Possib... Hi Ethael, thank you very much for your kind words... 2 days ago
Possible Mouseover in next ver... Yes, if you right click on a control and go to eve... 8 days ago
help making dll Nodes At the moment, that's probably the best way to mak... 8 days ago
Run and view console This can be done if Korduene had debugging capabil... 8 days ago
Node with method inside cause ... Going back to the code, saving and using nodes see... 12 days ago
How to run multiple threads This is not currently Supported. However you can d... 12 days ago
Exporting code with more user ... Unfortunately that's the only way the current vers... 12 days ago
Run and view console Not sure what you mean, can you elaborate please? 12 days ago
Toolbox is empty after opening... This seems to be a bug in the third party docking ... 12 days ago
Own Node used are shown with n... What's shown on the left is the node file name, wh... 12 days ago